10 CA donut shops are some of the best in the U.S., Yelp says


Yelp has published a new report on the best donut shops in the country.


Yelp called 100 best donut shops in the country just on National Donut Day.

With 10 California businesses in the report, the state has many donut shop options for the June 3 celebration.

«The 100 Best Donut Shops in the U.S. 2022 ”includes stores across the state, including Los Angeles, San Diego, Folsham, Riverside, Orange and Sacramento.

To find the best donut shops, Yelp looked at American businesses in the “donut category”. Then each place was evaluated by the total volume and ratings of reviews.

SK Donuts & Croissant in Los Angeles took 2nd place.

The family business is known for its Скронуц – a fried croissant that “sticks inside, crispy on the outside and icy in our branded glaze”.

“These donuts are some of the most creative and cool donuts in all of Los Angeles!” written by one Yelp reviewer.

  1. SK Donuts and croissant Los Angeles
  2. Sesame donuts San Diego
  3. BJ Cinnamon Folsom
  4. JD flannel donuts and coffee – San Juan Capistrano
  5. Steve’s Donuts – The river bank
  6. Donut Hub – Orange
  7. Donut time – Sacramento
  8. Munchkins donut shop – Covina
  9. Broad Street Dough Co. – Encinitas
  10. AngelFood donuts – Valley of the Fountains

Where to get a free donut?

The list does not include donut chains, which offer their own promotions of the National Donut Day on June 3.

Customers can get hooked free donut of their choice in Krispy Kreme.

Dunkin ‘offers a free donut from purchase of a beverage.

At Duck Donuts customers can get free sugar donut with cinnamon.

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