20 Ukrainian athletes are waiting for the Paralympics

20 Ukrainian athletes participating in the Winter Paralympic Games are expected to arrive in Beijing for the opening ceremony on Friday, IPC spokesman Craig Spence told the Associated Press on Tuesday.

Spence said the team is heading to the Chinese capital and may arrive as early as Wednesday.

The arrival was questionable after Russia invaded Ukraine last week. The International Paralympic Committee is due to meet on Wednesday and may impose additional sanctions on Russian athletes or expel them from the Paralympics.

Russian athletes are going to compete in Beijing as the PKK, abbreviated from the Russian Paralympic Committee, as a result of the state’s financial doping scandal and the cover-up of the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

It is expected that Belarus will also be sanctioned by the IPC Council for participating in the war. Belarusians can be forced to perform in Beijing as neutral athletes, as well as Russia.

Russian athletes at the Winter Olympics last month acted as ROC, abbreviated from the Russian Olympic Committee, over a doping scandal.

The International Olympic Committee, which has repeatedly failed to forcibly punish Russia for its doping history, on Monday pushed dozens of sports governing bodies to disqualify Russian athletes and officials from international competitions.

The IOC, which left the decision to others, said the action was needed to “protect the integrity of global sporting events and the safety of all participants”.

The IOC also gave sports bodies a way to circumvent the expulsion.

“If this is not possible in the short term for organizational or legal reasons, the IOC … urges international sports federations and event organizers around the world to do everything in their power to ensure that no athlete or sports official from Russia or Belarus Russia or Belarus is allowed to take part in it, ”the IOC said.

71 athletes are expected to take part in the Paralympics. About 650 athletes from 49 delegations, including Ukraine, are expected to take part in the Games.

The Beijing Winter Olympics brought together 2,900 athletes from 91 delegations. It closed on February 20th. The Paralympics will end on March 13.


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