3 injured as a result of a train derailment caused by a rock slide

SANDSTONE, W.Va. (AP) — An empty coal train derailed in West Virginia Wednesday morning, causing a fiery derailment that injured three crew members, CSX Transportation said in a statement.

Four locomotives and nine empty cars derailed in Summers County near New River, CSX said. The lead locomotive, which was carrying a conductor, an engineer and a trainee engineer, caught fire and crew members are being evaluated and treated for non-life threatening injuries, the company said.

The derailment occurred near the New River, and the unoccupied locomotive was partially in the waterway, spilling an unknown amount of diesel fuel and oil, officials said. Environmental groups took measures to contain it.

No hazardous materials were transported and there was no danger to the public, CSX said.

The company said the safety of employees and the community is a top priority as it sends teams to assess the situation and develop a recovery plan.

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