$ 460 million has been awarded to former employees who have sued for California utilities

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Two men who sued, saying they were forced to work in the Southern California Public Service after complaining of sexual and racial harassment, received $ 440 million in fines, lawyers said.

A Los Angeles County jury on Thursday sentenced him to an additional $ 24.6 million in damages to Alfred Martinez and Justin Page on Wednesday, according to a statement from law firm deRubertis.

The men have sued SoCal’s electricity supplier Edison and his parents, Edison International, for activities at a utility office in the South Bay area of ​​Los Angeles County.

Both men said they suffered revenge after reports of harassment.

The jury sentenced Martinez to $ 300 million from Edison International and $ 100 million from SoCal Edison. Paige received $ 30 million in fines from Edison International and $ 10 million from SoCal Edison.

Most of the compensation – $ 22.37 million – went to Martinez.

The defendants will try to overturn the verdict, writes the Los Angeles Times.

“The jury’s decision is inconsistent with the facts and the law and does not reflect who we are or what we stand for, and we intend to challenge that decision and seek a new trial,” said SoCal spokeswoman Edison Diane Castro.

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