A 0-bedroom house costs $ 165,000 in Hawaii



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“Get ready to fall in love” in this dream house in the real estate market in Naalehu, Hawaii for $ 165,000, says the listing on Zillow.com. However, are you ready to catch?

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There is no official bedroom. And the kitchen outside. Also, you probably want to avoid using the bathroom on a busy day.

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According to the list, the house is brand new, it was built in 2021-22 and has a very serene atmosphere with a killer view from every angle. Features of a small house include:

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  • Water catchment system

  • Photovoltaic system

  • Wind turbine

  • Gardens on site

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While the bedroom is not official in the list itself there is one that is “well built” and has 100 square feet. The bedroom also has a covered veranda of 100 square feet.

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The list attracted the attention of a popular social media page Zillow Gone Wildand some fans were delighted, while others offered several observations.

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“I really love it!” Exclaimed one man. “Who wants to be indoors if you live in Hawaii.”

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“I think it’s a fair price for paradise,” said another. “It’s absolutely wonderful.”

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“Wow. All the fun and games until it gets windy !!! ” observed by one man.

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“It looks pretty good for a homemade effort …” said another.

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“They sold me to the toilet,” said one man. “I could just sit there all day.”

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“It’s such a beautiful setting, I grew up in Hawaii,” commented another. “Don’t forget that an exotic island contains exotic beetles !!”

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“For me, this open concept goes a little far,” someone joked.

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“The toilet causes me to vibrate the Jurassic Park,” joked one man.

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And finally …

“Looks like a small (Gilligan) island, but I’m here!”

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