A 14-year-old teenager is looking for a killer to kill a former Baton Rouge police officer

A 14-year-old girl was arrested by Batan Rouge police detectives on Valentine’s Day after she tried to hire an assassin online to kill her ex-boyfriend, police said.

Administrator from the site “rentahitman.com” – who visited the teenager – called local law enforcement after receiving a request to report the incident, police said.

A 14-year-old girl, whose name police did not name because of her age, was placed in the East Batan Rouge juvenile detention center on charges of petition for murder on Monday, February 14th.

The family of the 14-year-old ex-boyfriend was contacted and the situation was reported, McClatchy News police said.

Despite its name, the website does not provide any services related to hiring assassins.

«Rentahitman.com”, According to its website, calls itself a“ professional crisis management firm ”. The site claims that since 1920 it has helped satisfied customers from all walks of life, including “government officials and even politicians”.

“And it was a play on words” Bob Ines, told ABC7 the creator of the site. “Rent like ours. A hit like a web hit is visitor traffic, analytics, things like that. ”

The teenager from Louisiana is not the first to send such a request to the site. Since he launched «Rentahitman.com”Ines says she has received hundreds of similar reports, ABC7 reports.

For example, a woman from Michigan pleaded guilty to attempted murder in November 2021 after she was accused of making a request on a website under a pseudonym. that her ex-husband was killed. Wendy Lynn Wine, a 52-year-old South Rockford resident in Michigan, eventually met the undercover detective, police said, and gave the alleged killer a home address, work address and work schedule – and offered $ 5,000.

Cassandra Coyer is a national real-time reporter for McClachie, who covers the southeast while in Washington, DC. more.

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