A bill to ease the burden on patients for health workers has been passed to the Senate

Author: Armando Franca, AP

Seattle, Washington – Medical professionals in Washington can finally ease their workload.

The Washington House of Representatives passed a bill Sunday on standards for safe health care personnel by 55 votes to 43. House Act 1868 aims to create new standards for healthcare professionals that protect them from dangerously high workloads on patients, and provide patients with the quality care they deserve.

Recent poll showed that 74 percent of Washington voters supported the bill. 89% expressed concern about the current shortage of health workers, and 91% expressed concern about burnout among staff.

According to data from the Washington Department of Health, there are 120,069 licensed nurses in the state, but only 59,300 are active. It is believed that most nurses are reluctant to work in the current environment at most Washington hospitals.

The bill aims to address the staffing crisis by updating the national policy in the field of hospitals. A study from George Washington University found that patient mortality rates decreased when healthcare workers had safer loads on patients.

Now the bill is awaiting consideration in the Senate.

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