A firefighter knocked down a large installation when assisting in a car crash in AR


Firefighters from Arkansas stopped to help at the scene of the car crash, and were hit by an 18-wheeled vehicle.

Fragment of a screen from a message from the West Memphis Fire Department on Facebook.

A firefighter in Arkansas has died knocked down an 18-wheeled vehicle while providing assistance at the scene of a car accident, West Memphis Fire Department said.

Jason Lang, who joined the department in December, on Saturday morning, Feb. 26, was heading to an emergency medicine training class at Pine Bluff, the department said in a release.

On his way there, Lang came across a traffic accident along the interstate and stopped to help. A large installation passing by hit Lang, killing him, the release said.

“Jason Lang immediately and without hesitation bravely made the ultimate sacrifice, and he will always be remembered for his legacy and courage for serving others,” said WMFD chief Barry Elijah.

The release, which was circulated on Facebook, on the evening of February 27 gathered more than 1,700 comments expressing condolences and promising prayers for Lang, his family and his department.

The agency did not say how large the installation collided with Lang, and did not comment on the condition of the truck driver.

The Arkansas police are investigating, a spokesman for the ASP told McClatchy News. The spokesman declined to comment further.

Lang “lost his life in the line of duty, courageously doing his job and facing the dangers that our medical services face every day on the interstate,” a statement from the West Memphis Fire Department said.

Mitchell Willets is a real-time news reporter covering the central United States for McClach. He is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma and an outdoor enthusiast living in Texas.

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