A gas station employee shot a man through a mask, NV police said


A seller at a gas station in Las Vegas on February 6, 2022, shot dead a man who refused to wear a mask to buy chips, police said. An officer pulled out a gun after they fought outside the plant, police said.


A gas station worker in Las Vegas shot a customer who refused to wear a mask when he tried to pay for chips, police said.

Las Vegas police said on February 6 a customer entered the Terrible Herbst supermarket without a mask, and an internal worker asked him to put it on or leave.

He brought three packages of chips to the counter, but the officer refused to call him, police said.

The man then left the store with snacks in his hands without paying, police said, and the worker followed him and began recording him on the phone.

Realizing he was on camera, the client approached the clerk and engaged in a physical brawl, police said.

The officer then pulled out a gun and fired three shots at the man, hitting him once in the shoulder, police said.

Police said the injured man ran to a nearby business, where he was picked up by an ex-girlfriend and taken to hospital.

It was then observed that the clerk was calling someone he was arguing with before fatally shooting himself in the head, police said.

Officers responded to the shooting around 8:40 a.m. and learned of what happened from witnesses and surveillance camera footage, the report said.

Police said the 36-year-old clerk would have been charged with using a deadly weapon if he had survived.

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