A man from Georgia has pleaded guilty to threatening to blow up the IRS office


A man from coastal Georgia has pleaded guilty to federal charges after he was accused of threatening to blow up the IRS office in New York, prosecutors say. (AP Photo / Susan Walsh, file)


A man from coastal Georgia could be in jail after being accused of threatening to blow up Tax Service Department in New York, federal prosecutors say.

Benjamin Stasco, 34, of St. Simons Island, pleaded guilty on Wednesday, June 1, to charges of interstate transfer of threats of bodily harm in connection with Internet threats he made in 2020, according to the Southern District Attorney’s Office. Georgia.

On July 6, Stasko allegedly posted a comment on the federal agency’s website alleging that the bomb had been planted in the Ted Weiss Federal Building in New York City, according to a press release. The threat was directed at the IRS office, which was located in the building, and promised to “kill, injure or intimidate others by detonating a highly explosive” bomb, according to the indictment.

Officers brought in dogs looking for bombs to search the building, but no explosives were found. Stasko was later arrested on St. Simons Island, prosecutors said.

Authorities did not say whether he had specific motives.

If convicted, Stasko faces up to five years in prison with three years in custody and a serious fine, prosecutors said.

“We will not tolerate threats of violence against government agencies and will vigorously prosecute anyone who commits such crimes,” said US Attorney David H. Estes in a statement. “A confession of Benjamin Stasko will do justice to his dangerous and reckless threat.”

The island of St. Simons is about 80 miles south of Savannah.

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