A man runs after a chicken and eventually wins the jackpot in the SC lottery

Going out for chicken was very rewarding for a man from South Carolina when he decided to stay in a store and buy a state lottery ticket.

The 200-fold ticket for scratches cost $ 500,000, according to a press release from the South Carolina Education Lottery.

This led to the rare case where an adult man cried and was not afraid to admit it.

“I cried and I don’t cry,” he told lottery officials. “No more overtime.”

According to officials, the man, who was not identified, exceeded the odds of 1 in 800,000 to win the grand prize in the game.

He bought a $ 10 ticket at the fuel express on North Highway 17 at Moncks Corner “and scratched it while sitting in his car near the store,” officials said. The store is north of Charleston.

His initial reaction was whether the ticket was legal, so he returned to the store and asked the clerk to inspect it, officials said.

“The salesman looked at the ticket and told me to go home and not tell anyone,” he said.

Of course, he immediately told his wife, calling from a mobile phone in the parking lot. She also did not believe.

“I still don’t think she’s still impressed that we won,” he said.

The winner plans to use the money “to pay for housing … and enjoy life”, but does not intend to quit his job.

$ 500,000 is considered the last grand prize available in the 200X, which means the game is over.

“The fuel express at Moncks Corner received a commission of $ 5,000 for selling the claimed ticket,” said lottery officials.


If gambling is more than a game

Gambling is designed to be a source of entertainment.

If you or your loved one shows signs of gambling addiction, you can call for help by calling the National Hotline at 1-800-522-4700 or by visiting Website of the National Gambling Council.

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