A man was injured in a fire in a garage in the Mountain View neighborhood

According to the Vancouver Fire Department, one person was burned as a result of a garage fire that spread throughout the outbuilding on Thursday in Vancouver’s eastern Mountain View neighborhood.

Firefighters responded around 1:30 p.m. on 819 SE Olympia Drive to detect a large fire from the garage of the two-story home, the department said. The fire was also burning on the second floor and attic.

Residents told firefighters that everyone left the house and increased.

21 firefighters put out the blaze in 10 minutes, a press release said. The crews stayed on the scene for about an hour, rescuing things and checking for hotspots.

The man, who received light burns, was assisted by AMP, the fire department said. The Red Cross responded to help residents. The Kamas-Vashugala fire service also responded.

The Vancouver Fire Marshal’s Office is investigating the cause.

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