A shipwreck in Italy, the outcry after the assassination in Australia, Germany’s feminist foreign policy

Dozens of migrants died in Italy as a result of a shipwreck

A wooden boat carrying migrants from Turkey to Europe capsized off the southern coast of Italy on Sunday. at least 67 people died including children. Dozens more of the boat’s nearly 200 passengers are still missing, according to the United Nations. The Italian coast guard said at least 80 people on board were found alive, 22 of whom were hospitalized.

Suspected smugglers charged each passenger 8,000 euros to board the ship, the Associated Press reports. The ship left Turkey four days before the shipwreck, carrying migrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, Iran and Iraq.

Giorgia Meloni, who was elected Prime Minister of Italy last October, recently advanced the policy which limits non-government search and rescue boats, making it more difficult for migrants to reach Italy via the Mediterranean. The policy requires these boats to sail to certain designated ports rather than the nearest port, and provides for a fine of up to 50,000 euros if the captains do not comply. TIME magazine describes Maloney’s policy as “an extreme approach to the EU’s migration policy that is already in place”.

The sailing ship was primarily carrying hopeful Afghan refugees run away from the Taliban. After the Taliban takeover in 2021, the European Union issued a statement saying it would work with other countries to “prevent illegal migration from the region”. In addition, Human Rights Watch 2022 report found that Syrian refugees in Turkey are often treated as second-class citizens and often experience poverty and the risk of deportation, forcing them to seek refuge elsewhere.

The independent humanitarian group “Doctors Without Borders” provided psychological assistance to the victims, including 16-year-old Afghan whose 28-year-old sister died shortly after coming ashore. Another 12-year-old boy from Afghanistan lost his parents and four siblings.

Relatives of the dead travel from their countries to the Calabrian town of Crotone, where the coffins lie. Aladdin Mahibzada, who drove 25 hours from Germany, said he was looking for his aunt and her three children, one of whom is 5, and is currently in a juvenile detention center. His aunt and two other children died in the wreck.

“We are looking at the possibility of sending the bodies to Afghanistan, the bodies that are here,” Mahibzada said outside the morgue. “We are helpless here. We don’t know what to do.”

An Indian accused of murder has been extradited to Australia

An Indian citizen is suspected of murdering an Australian woman more than four years ago extradition takes place from India to Australia. The suspect, Rajwinder Singh, has been formally charged with the murder of 24-year-old Toya Cordingley, who was killed in 2018 while walking her dog last Thursday.

Singh, who has long denied committing the crime, was escorted by police from New Delhi to Melbourne, Australia on Wednesday. Martin Greenberg, Australian Judge, ordered Singh’s extradition to the Australian state of Queensland — where Cordingley’s body was found — after police discovered DNA and phone evidence linking him to the murder.

The investigation dragged on for more than four years until Indian law enforcement agencies finally tracked down Singh last November. The Cordingley murder has sparked community controversy in Queensland, particularly because it took so long to find a suspect. In January, a Delhi court approved Singh’s extradition.

Yes his arrestAustralian police sent a 1 million Australian dollars reward, or about $600,000, for any information on the whereabouts of Singh, who flew from Sydney to India the day after Cordingley’s death. Police suspect he spent time in his home state of Punjab after leaving Australia in 2018.

Sonya Smith, a Queensland detective, said a trial would begin soon, but did not say whether a reward had been received or how Singh was found. Cordingly’s mother also expressed relief at Singh’s arrest.

“I’m so glad this man is back here in Queensland,” Cardingley’s mother, Vanessa Gardiner, told The Associated Press. “We thank the community for their continued love and support during these difficult times.”

In Germany, the government is introducing a new feminist foreign policy

The last ministers of foreign affairs and development of Germany announced the plan promote gender equality. new rule based on praise A “feminist foreign policy” launched by Sweden’s left-wing government in 2014 aims to improve women’s representation in foreign affairs and allocate public funds to anti-discrimination efforts.

Although Sweden was the first to implement a feminist foreign policy, the country abandoned it last year after the new, right-wing government came to power. However, in recent years countries such as Canada, France, Mexico and Spain have adopted similar policies. German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock called the decision “self-evident” and said the policy would include humanitarian aid and education reforms.

The policy is aimed at protecting women from violence and giving them greater freedom in social and political action, AP reports. In Germany, policy guidelines direct more than 90% of funds from new public projects to promote gender equality. The German news agency Deutsche Presse-Agentur showed that in 2021 this figure was around 64%.

As “German Wave” reports, Berlin is it aims to invest 12 billion euros, or USD 12.7 billion, and about 8% of Germany’s development funds to finance new projects. The government is also in the process of creating a new role of ‘feminist foreign policy ambassador’.

Burbock added that, among other developments, the policy aims to increase gender equality in Germany’s foreign ministry, where only 26% of ambassadors are women. German Development Minister Svenja Schulze said that greater equality would reduce hunger and poverty and increase social stability in the country as a whole.

“Paying special attention in development policy to ensure that women also have rights, resources and are represented is simply a matter of common sense,” Schulze told the AP.

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