A snowmobile, a passenger was injured after hitting a tree in Montana


A snowmobile and their passenger were injured when they crashed into a tree near Yellowstone.

Galatin County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue page on Facebook

A snowmobile in Montana was hit after that facing a tree near Yellowstone National Park.

The crash happened around 10 a.m. Feb. 26, according to a Facebook post. Officials responded to the scene on a trail south of West Yellowstone and found a snowmobile and its passenger who reportedly suffered pelvic injuries and potentially broke ribs after crashing into a tree.

Volunteers took the snowmobile and its passenger to an ambulance, the report said. From there, the department released one patient and took the other to a local hospital for treatment.

In his report, Sheriff Dan Springer advised snowmobiles to be careful when transporting passengers, making sure their vehicles are designed for two people, stay with their groups and carry emergency kits.

Yellowstone saw a number other incidents on snowmobiles this year. On February 23, a snowmobile that broke up with its partner was found dead, and earlier in February, another snowmobile died in an avalanche, according to McClatchy News.

A week later, another snowmobile crashed and broke his leg, heading to West Yellowstone, according to McClatchy News.

West Yellowstone is located about a mile northwest of Yellowstone National Park.

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