A Tacoma police officer posts the video on social media


Tacoma Police Department Headquarters at 3701 S. Pine St. on Thursday, November 26, 2020


He has already resigned, but Tacoma police officer Robert Hollingsworth has been sent on administrative leave by department heads after discovering online a video that violates city policy.

Hollingsworth, 33, recently created a video while sitting in a patrol car and wearing a uniform of his office, in which he praised the planned protest of truckers and called Tacoma leaders “invertebrates and tyrannists.”

“This is a message to the District of Columbia Police and other cities that have invertebrates and tyrannical leaders like mine,” Hollingsworth says. “Stop allowing the left and the media to use our profession for political gain.”

In the video, Hollingsworth then hints at a “freedom convoy,” a political protest scheduled for Saturday in Olympia and other cities that reflects a recent event of a similar nature in Canada. Hollingsworth warns other police officers not to interfere with the protests. His statement is general in nature, urging officers to resist the “orders”, although he does not give specific examples.

“The column of freedom is coming and you will be tested,” he said in the video. “If you violate the constitutional rights of the people because of the orders of some liberal tyrant, the Conservatives will turn on you, and they absolutely must do it for you.”

Hollingsworth finally ends his statement with the word “now for fun.” He sends a radio call from the patrol car, says he is signing for the last time, and concludes with the phrase “Come on, Brandon,” a slogan recently popularized by critics of President Joe Biden.

The original source of the video is unclear. This was posted Saturday on Twitter by Patriot Takes, en account launched anonymously which focuses on the alleged activities of the right.

According to Tacoma Police Department, Holingsworth’s official resignation date is March 13. The posted video “was made at the end of the last change of patrol of the Hollingsworth officer,” the statement said. It adds that the department was preparing on Saturday to draw up documents for Hollingsworth’s administrative leave, which will require him to hand over his service weapon, badge and identity card of the department.

“The department was not previously aware of a person’s personal political views or of its intention to publish those views on social media at work,” the report said. “The opinion expressed by these officers does not reflect the opinion of the Tacoma City Police Department.”

Later Saturday, Patriot Takes posted a second video of Hollingsworth, which appears to have been created after the publication of an earlier version of the story. In the video, Hollingsworth says he is considering canceling his resignation and suing, arguing that other officers made similar statements in uniform. He adds that he was handed documents on administrative leave, and refers to the obvious search of his service weapon by the police.

“They’re here on a witch hunt looking for my weapon when it’s in your parking lot,” Hollingsworth said.

This story was originally published March 5, 2022 16:18.

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