A Texas couple adopted a Ukrainian boy, brought him home before the war


Kelchi Jagge and her husband Theron adopted 4-year-old Ruslan from Ukraine and brought him home to the United States.

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Over the past year, a couple from Texas Kelchi and Theron Jaga have committed to adopting Ruslan, a 4-year-old boy from Ukraine.

But as Ukraine prepares for a possible war with Russia, the couple did not have time to complete the adoption and bring their son home.

The San Antonio couple also faced health problems with Ruslan, who is reportedly suffering from cerebral palsy and is on a probe. Due to the rules of adoption in Ukraine, Jagie could not complete the adoption until he went to an Eastern European country, they wrote in a fundraiser.

When they entered Ukraine earlier in February, the Americans were ordered to evacuate as well the United States embassy urged them to leavereports the CAAB.

But not without Ruslan.

“At this point, we were struggling with time,” Theron Jagge said. “We could not get a visa for him until the end of Friday before the evacuation of the embassy. Thus, he received the last visa issued by the embassy before the evacuation. “

Until Saturday, February 12, only “very limited staff” from the US Embassy in Ukraine remained in the country, according to the Associated Press. The evacuation was due to possible Russian attacks on the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

Before the couple could leave Kiev, they were denied by the immigration serviceswrote Kelchi Jagge in a Facebook post on February 13th.

Ukrainian officials have claimed that Ruslan’s adoption documents are invalidbut the detention was lifted when border guards learned of Ruslan’s deteriorating health, the New York Post reported.

This was stated by Jagges in an interview with ABC News they feared being stuck in Ukraine.

Kelci Jagge said The nonprofit group Exitus helped them board the flight leave Ukraine in time.

“We took Ruslan to the hospital at a critical moment,” she said. “I don’t know if he would have made it the next day.”

Ruslan’s new parents have been with him in the intensive care unit in San Antonio since arriving in the United States last week, according to the KAAB. Doctors told parents that “the worst is over,” according to The New York Post.

“Now I feel indescribable relief,” Kelchi told The Post.

“I love this little boy lying on this hospital bed today more than before, and they tell us that there is real hope for his progress, and the condition he is in now is not what he is limited to.” said Theron Jagge to ABC. News. “We are excited to see how he can thrive in a home where he is loved and surrounded by people who really care about him.”

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