A tourist dies in California after being brought into the ocean by huge waves


A tourist was killed and another tourist was hospitalized after both of them were swept away by huge waves.

Shelter Cove Fire Department

A tourist in California died after carried out into the ocean waves 15 to 20 feet high, the Shelter Cove Fire Department said in a Facebook post on May 29. Another tourist was taken to hospital in stable condition, officials said.

According to Redhead Black, the man who was hiking near Split Rock was swept into the water by a wave. Another tourist tried to help them, and he was also pulled into the water.

According to the report, the crews of the lifeboat and lifeboats were able to recover both tourists, but shortly afterwards stated the death of one of them.

Medical condition of surviving tourists currently unknown, SFGATE reported May 30th.

The California Department of Parks and Recreation warns that not all beaches along the coastline are recommended for swimming or wading. According to the agency’s website, “[t]these are the very things that make these areas such exciting places to look at and enjoy can be deadly those caught unawares along the coastline.

The agency recommends that people swim or walk only in designated areas, as well as wear life jackets for activities such as boating and swimming, the site said.

Split Rock is located approximately 154 miles east of Los Angeles.

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