A Whatcom man is suspected of attacking a neighbor with a truck

A man from Watcom County is suspected of twice beating a neighbor with his girlfriend’s truck before trying to use it to shove a neighbor into roadside bushes.

On Saturday, February 26, the Watcom County Sheriff’s Office sent 39-year-old Justin Lee McCann to the Watcom County Jail on an outstanding warrant for a second-degree assault. Documents from the prison show that McCann is being held on $ 25,000 bail.

Deputies responded on August 9, 2021, to McCann’s father’s home after the father called to report that McCann had attacked his girlfriend, according to documents from the Watcom County Supreme Court.

A neighbor saw McCann punch and kick his girlfriend when she was on the ground, and reported it to a father who clashed with McCann, according to court documents. McCann reportedly argued with his father, pushed him several times, then got into his girlfriend’s truck and drove down the gravel road at high speed, nearly hitting several objects along the way.

Deputies arrived and talked to his father, the documents say, just then McCann returned and drove at high speed down the porch and stopped a few feet from the deputies, the documents said.

McCann then ran back down the driveway, the documents said.

As the truck was about to leave the property, a male neighbor came out and started yelling at McCann at the end of the driveway, the documents said. Deputies said they saw the truck slow down and the neighbor disappeared as if he had been beaten.

Deputies found a neighbor who was lying on the ground and complaining of pain, the documents said.

He said he was standing on the side of the driveway when McCann stopped, reversed and kicked a neighbor in the leg, the documents said. A neighbor said the truck rushed forward, knocking him to the hood before McCan reportedly tried to use the truck to push the neighbor into the bushes near the road.

McCann then left, the documents said.

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