A worker lost his leg in a garbage truck accident: the Los Angeles military


A paramedic lost his leg when he was trapped between a garbage truck and an SUV that crashed into him on May 30, Louisiana state police said.

A sanitary officer lost his leg when the driver was distracted crashed into the body of a dump truck when he was loading garbage, several outlets reported citing Louisiana state police.

The accident happened on Monday, May 30, shortly after 8 am in the quarter 3400 River Road near Shrewsbury Road in Jefferson, according to WVUE. The truck was stopped and the worker was loading garbage in the back when the driver of the Toyota RAV4 SUV pinned him from behind, pinning the worker between vehicles, the military said.

An unnamed driver was on their cell phone when they crashed, WDSU reported, citing the military.

Working the leg was cut off, and he was treated in hospital, according to Nola.com. As of Monday afternoon, his condition was unknown.

McClatchy News contacted Louisiana State Police on Monday, May 30, and awaited a response.

The driver was arrested and charged with causing negligence and sending reports while driving, the military said.

Jefferson Parish is approximately 30 miles south of New Orleans.

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