After winning $ 73 million, Sandy Hook’s family focuses on arms marketing

According to the latest FBI crime statistics, of the 13,600 firearms used in the 2020 killings, about 450 were rifles; more than 8,000 weapons were used.

However, AR-15 rifles were used in many notorious mass shootings, including Sandy Hook, the 2017 Las Vegas massacre that killed 58 people and injured hundreds, and the 2018 school shootings in Parkland. Florida, which killed 14 students and three staff members.

According to Koskaf, Remington’s marketing of its AR-15-style rifles prior to the Sandy Hook shooting has boosted arms sales nationwide. He said only about 100,000 AR-15s were sold annually in the U.S. in the mid-late 2000s, but by 2012 their number had risen sharply to more than 2 million, he said.

He and Sandy Hook’s family have accused private investment firm Cerberus Capital Management, which bought Remington in 2007, of being more concerned with profit than security, seeking to increase rifle sales. A message was left for the company to comment.

Cerberus, as the owner of Remington, was responsible for shifting the company’s focus from traditional hunting rifles to AR-15-style rifles and for the resulting marketing campaigns, Coscaf said.

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