Alison Holust, Jeff Zucker’s mistress, is leaving CNN

Less than two weeks after CNN President Jeff Tucker resigned over an unsolved case with another CNN employee, the mistress also disappeared.

According to the note, Alison Golust has resigned TimeWarner This was announced by CEO Jason Killar on Tuesday by numerous news agencies.

“Earlier today, Alison Golust left CNN after the company completed an investigation into the problems surrounding Chris Cuoma and former Governor Andrew Cuoma,” Mr. Killar wrote.

He said the investigation “found violations of the company’s policies, including CNN’s news standards and practices” by Ms. Galust, executive vice president and chief marketing officer of CNN.

Mr. Killar, who will soon be leaving office, admitted that “I understand that this news is disturbing, disappointing and, frankly, painful to read … these are real feelings that many of you are experiencing.”

Many senior CNN staffers, including Don Lehmann and Jake Tepper, complained about Mr. Zucker’s departure, for which some publicly and privately blamed Chris Cuoma.

Mr Zucker said his relationship with Ms Golust “has evolved in recent years” and that he did not disclose that it happened as soon as required by CNN’s ethical rules.

Questions about the development of the relationship, which was considered an open secret in the corridors of CNN, were raised “as part of the investigation into the stay of Chris Cuoma in CNN,” Mr. Zucker wrote earlier this month.

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