“All connected”: the local art gallery has raised more than $ 16,000 for the Ukrainian artist, as well as my works for the whole family

COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho – The local art gallery has an international impact as it connects people to the crisis in Ukraine and raises money for a war-torn artist.

Straight from Ukraine are on display at the Art Spirit Gallery on Sherman Avenue in downtown Ker-d’Alen. The gallery came across works last year and planned to show the work. When the war broke out, the show was postponed to the beginning of the year to support the people of Ukraine. The exposition includes seven paintings by Yaroslav Leonets. They were written years before the war, but have a profound impact on society today.

Joan Brown came to the opening of the show on Sunday. She has never met the artist, but is deeply shocked by what he is going through and wants to support him.

“It was very touching and I shed tears,” Brown said. “I wanted to come and see.”

Leonets is hiding in Kiev. Art Gallery owner Blair Williams last received an email from him on February 28th. He described experiencing an unimaginable war in his homeland.

“We were shocked by the letter he sent us,” Williams said.

She was so shocked that she put the letter in a frame and hung it on the wall in the gallery so people could read. Through works of art and written works, he connects people with the war in Ukraine.

“I just think we’re all connected in the universe, and what’s happening to them is awful,” Brown said after reading about Leonets.

Williams hopes these ties grow when people come and see the works of art themselves.

“It develops this amazing way to connect with someone who is going through this horrible time in our world history,” she said.

The gallery wanted to do more than just showcase masterpieces. Williams took her support to the next level.

“We as a gallery have decided not to keep anyone from the commission on this work. 100% of sales go directly to the artist, ”Williams shared with excitement.

During the gallery’s opening weekend, almost every work was purchased by people from the inner northwest. This means that more than $ 16,000 will go directly to the artist. They are not done collecting money yet. The gallery plans to pick up paintings and make postcards with portraits. They will also be put up for sale for funds that directly benefit Leontz.

This gallery is open to all, and Ukrainian works will be on display until March 26. You can learn more about the Art Spirit Gallery HERE.

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