Another good weather weekend – Matt

SPOKANE, Wash.– Saturday was great, Sunday should be even better! After all the rain and sad skies last week, it’s nice that we found a break for the weekend.

The temperature at night will drop to 20 degrees, in the morning again in some places fog. Once the fog subsides, expect another sunny day with a light wind from the north and a maximum of the 40s. Probably in the afternoon we will see some 50s again! If you drive to Montana, you may face snowfall in the mountains for the next few days, as the weather there will be more volatile.

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Monday will be warm with a maximum of 50 degrees in Spokane, but in the middle of the week there will be more active weather ahead. The cold air over the northern plains will push us through the moisture and lead to rain and snow, which will begin as early as Monday night and continue until Wednesday morning. The Spokane seems to be mostly rain or mixed on Tuesday, and further east in Northern Idaho some clumps look faster than not.

Once the rain and snow have passed, temperatures will drop significantly in the middle of the week with teens and some unequivocal lows on Thursday morning. Only the beginning of March, so it makes no sense to remove heavier jackets and snow gear!

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