AP hires two reporters for personal finance

Editor of the Global Business Associated Press Norin Gillespie on Thursday sent out the following:

We are excited to share that soon we welcome two new journalists to the Business News team to focus on personal finance. These two journalists are coming to us with the support of the Charles Schwab Foundation, which is there providing grant funding for the project.

The goal of the project is to promote explanatory reporting on financial literacy and promote personal finance among young, less affluent and racially and ethnically diverse groups of Americans. Much of the work in personal finance is focused on the more affluent segment of investors. As part of this project, the AP will maintain original reports and publish stories in a variety of formats and languages. The team will work with journalists from across the AP and will seek to provide AP clients with data and ideas for localizing stories in their communities.

Why now? And why AP?

Adriana Morgue

In the United States, there is a crisis around financial illiteracy that is taking place amid rising inequality. Lack of understanding of money management strategy entails the finances of Americans, who are the least able to afford it. As large-scale government programs that supported Americans ’finances during the pandemic begin to fade, many are likely to face new challenges. We also seek to meet people with different income levels wherever they are, and give them the opportunity to make decisions that can help them advance.

We are also excited about this project because it will help Business News develop a social strategy to build and maintain an audience around key rhythms. One of the goals of the project is to create a repository of reliable and easy-to-understand stories in various formats: from text to video to Twitter and TikToks, which serve as benchmarks for basic financial concepts, especially suitable for young people and different audiences.

Help us with this vision:

Adriana Morgue, popular Hearst Connecticut Media Group reporter. Adriana has the experience of watching news and turning complex issues into practical and accessible news. A bilingual journalist, she brought several ideas on how to reach an immigrant and Hispanic audience. She has completed internships or freelance positions at KQED, NPR and Al Dia.

Cora Lewis

Cora Lewis, a former labor reporter at BuzzFeed. Cora comes to us with a history of experience documenting work issues among a wide group of workers, and she reported on the organization of efforts at Walmart and among Uber drivers. She has just completed a master’s degree from the University of Washington in St. Louis.

We are happy to welcome them and want to see the consequences of their work. Please welcome them!


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