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I’ve always enjoyed being on the street.

In fact, I’m sitting on my porch and writing this from my favorite chair, as the warm, fairly warm south wind promises fast even warmer weather.

I’ve always been a kid in my neighborhood who went from house to house to pull friends out on a pickup truck, whatever the season. It was sad inside, and adventures awaited on the street. I amused myself when my friends were not around, preferably away from the grass that needed to be mowed and the garden that always needed weeding. It was back in the Stone Age, to the internet, mobile phones and social media. Cable TV came to high school.

I firmly believe that the Midwest winters from the mid-70s to the mid-80s were the coldest and wettest of all time, and I don’t want Google to confirm that I’m wrong.

Despite this, we played outside as often as we could stand until we were sure our fingers and toes were still attached.

Anyway, I’ve always thought that winter sports are a way to pass the time until we can play outside again, and it’s time again.

Beaufort County High School teams have spent a successful winter season for the most part.

The Northside basketball team finished 18-3, the only defeat for the second team 1A from Bertie in the fourth round of the state playoffs. Team coach Michelle Lasers has amassed two of the most successful seasons in recent program history after playmaker Paige Sawyer moved from Unity Christian. Lasers said she was the coach on the floor and is invaluable to Panther’s success. It was interesting to watch her there, and it’s a pity they didn’t go another week.

It was amazing to watch junior Southside Ka’Nya O’Neill score almost anything, even if a double and a triple team. She scored 50 or more points twice and averaged 30 per season. She was the only high school student on the field and should see more success in the team when her teammates improve.

The boys from Washington started just one senior for most of the season and still reached the 2A playoffs.

Domestic players Gary Payne and Z. Perry are returning along with Jalen Lampkins, Jeray Davenport and freshman Javon Williams, who matched his considerable excitement starting most of the season.

With little chance and further improvement, the pack can challenge Farmville Central for the Eastern title in a year or two.

All three wrestling programs had successful seasons, as Northside qualified for the 1A playoffs only in his second season. Senior Terry Columbus was the conference champion in his weight class, and all but two wrestlers returned.

Southside held the state qualifier for the first time in the three-year history of his program at junior Darin (DJ) Joyner, and Washington again won the conference, finished second in the regional and achieved a deep trek in the team playoffs.

Christian Price, Braxton Woollard, Isaac Campbell, Damarius Langley, Bryant Smith and Jonathan Richardson qualified for the state individual competition, and Campbell took fifth place.

Pam Peck and Seahawks were well represented in the pool, as WHS junior John Hinchy qualified for state meetings in five competitions, and senior Jackson Wilder passed in four.

Juniors Austin Waters and Connor Lewis along with freshman Victor Hill also competed, and senior Campbell Barnes and sophomore Ty Cole represented Southside.

On the girls side, junior Delta Cole Seahawks finished 11thth at the state meeting, while Abby Lewis, Aspen Somers, Anna Sheddle, Sydney Smithwick and Elana Hill also qualified.

The Pungo Christian basketball team reached the finals of four NCISAAs for the second year in a row, and the Terra Ceia girls also won the playoffs.

All of the above achievements have made the already short winter pass rather quickly, and now it’s time to take to the streets for baseball, golf, soccer, softball, tennis and athletics.

Let the outdoor games begin.

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