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Gov. Roy Cooper announced Tuesday that Bath and Belhaven were among the recipients of $ 164 million in loans and grants from the state to pay for drinking water and wastewater projects.

Bath received two grants for the inventory and valuation of $ 150,000 in assets to be used for the city’s sewer system. Belhaven received an equal amount of grant funding for its water supply system. $ 5 million has been allocated from the state budget for the improvement of the sewerage system of the bathhouse.

Grants for inventory and asset valuation help municipalities to develop an asset inventory, assess the condition of critical assets and other components of integrated asset management programs, ”said the Department of Environmental Quality.

“This funding opportunity will allow North Carolina to make significant investments in our communities,” Cooper said. “These projects will help promote equitable access to clean water, strengthen our economy and increase climate resilience across the state.”

A full list of funded projects can be found at

“This funding gives North Carolina rural communities the opportunity to tackle aging infrastructure and climate change so they can become more viable, improve their resilience and compete for economic development,” said DEW Secretary Elizabeth S. Biser.

Funding for the project was approved at a meeting of the State Water Infrastructure on February 9. The government is an independent body with primary responsibility for allocating federal and state funding for water and sanitation projects. Other responsibilities include developing a master plan for public water infrastructure, recommending ways to make the most of available credit and grant funding resources, and exploring best and new practices.

Studies show that North Carolina is required between $ 17 billion and $ 26 billion to upgrade water and sanitation infrastructure across the state over a twenty-year period, a Cooper Office press release said.

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