Before the short break tonight – Matt

What we track

Cloudy and rainy weather will continue until late evening, but the forecast is getting better since the beginning of the week.

The showers will continue into the morning, but should be over by the time most of us get up.

The next storm won’t be here until Wednesday, but it will likely bring snow to our region late Wednesday and early Thursday.

Plan your Monday

With more rain tonight, we should see thicker fog early on Martin Luther King Day. It won’t be as warm as this weekend, but it should still reach 40 degrees during the day. Mostly cloudy skies are expected throughout the day with very little chance of more rain.

Spokane and Coeur d’Alene forecast

Monday will also be the last day in the 40s as we begin to slowly cool down for the rest of the week. The timing of the wet weather will be important for the commute on Wednesday and Thursday. It now looks like the rain will turn to snow Wednesday night, and the roads will be slick on Thursday morning after some light snow piles up.

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