Bellevue School District is reviewing a merger proposal

The Bellevue School District has revised its own proposed consolidation plan and removed Ardmore Elementary from the list of elementary schools where students will transfer to other buildings starting next year.

Under new guidelines released this week by Interim Superintendent Art Jarvis, Wilburton Elementary students will go to Clyde Hill and Enatay elementary schools, while Eastgate Elementary will be combined with only Spiritridge Elementary. Advanced Placement students at Spiritridge will move to Woodridge. Ardmore will not be merged, and the Arabic language program, which starts in September, will be added to the elementary school.

The original proposal called for Ardmore to combine Bennett, Cherry Crest and Sherwood Forest primary schools, and Eastgate to combine Spiritridge and Somerset primary schools.

At a public hearing last month for the Ardmore community, families and staff pointed out that Ardmore is a Title I school, meaning it receives federal funding because it serves a high percentage of low-income students. About 38% of students study English. Speakers said the proposals created confusion, especially for families whose first language is not English.

Jarvis will present the updated guidelines Thursday afternoon at a scheduled school board meeting.

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