Biden announces broad sanctions against Putin’s inner circle of oligarchs

The President Biden said Thursday he directly targets Russian oligarchs who have ties to President Vladimir Putin and members of their families, tightening sanctions against the Kremlin’s inner circle for invading Ukraine.

In particular, sanctions against Alisher Burkhanovich Usmanov, an extremely wealthy Russian whose yacht has just been hijacked by German authorities, and Dmitry Peskov, who is Mr Putin’s spokesman.

“We continue to impose very harsh economic sanctions on Putin and all those around him,” he said. Biden This was stated at the beginning of the Cabinet meeting The White House.

He is said it was unfair that the oligarchs were stuffing their pockets with Russian cash and that Ukrainians were forced to falter from bombs at subway stations. A new round of sanctions is the next step in efforts to put economic pressure on Putin at home as he wages a brutal and unprovoked war against neighboring countries. Ukraine.

“It has already had a profound effect,” he said. Biden said. “The goal is to maximize influence on Putin and Russia and minimize damage and loss to our allies and friends around the world. Our interest is to support the strongest single campaign to have an economic impact on Putin and all his people. “

The The White House said 19 Russian oligarchs and 47 members of their families will face visa restrictions from the State Department, so their travel is limited.

“These individuals have become rich at the expense of the Russian people, and some have raised members of their families to high positions. Others sit on top of Russia’s largest companies and are responsible for providing the resources needed to support Putin’s invasion. Ukraine», A The White House said in the newsletter. “These individuals and their families will be cut off from the U.S. financial system, their assets in the United States will be frozen, and their property will be blocked from use.”

The U.S. and allies have also imposed blocking sanctions on 26 individuals from Russia and Ukraine who play a central role in spreading misinformation about the invasion. Ukraine.

“These actors are spreading false narratives that promote Russia’s strategic goals and falsely justify the Kremlin’s activities.” The White House said in the newsletter.

Sir. BidenThe announcement came early in a cabinet meeting that will also focus on domestic issues, including the fight against cancer, the opioid crisis and efforts to improve the mental health of veterans and children.

“We’re going to do our best to make everyday things more accessible and more accessible to the American people,” he said.

The The White House Earlier on Thursday, he rejected calls to block Russian oil imports, saying it would lead to lower supplies and higher prices for consumers.

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