Biden doesn’t believe in tempering schools, says Caryn Jean-Pierre

White House spokeswoman Caryn Jean-Pierre said on Tuesday that President Biden was not interested in tightening security in schools after the Uwalde massacre, an option preferred by former President Donald Trump.

“I know there was talk of hardening schools. That’s not what he believes in, “said Jean-Pierre at a White House briefing. “He believes we need to be able to give teachers the resources so they can do the job.”

Republicans have called for increased school security and increased spending on mental resources in response to the May 24 shooting dead at Robb Elementary School in Uwalde, Texas, while Mr. Biden and Democrats have called for more gun control measures.

“He advocates a ban on the sale of assault weapons and large-capacity stores, and expands the verification of the certificate to avoid falling into dangerous hands,” said Ms. Jean-Pierre.

Mr Trump said at the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting in Houston on Friday that Republicans and Democrats must unite “to finally harden our schools and finally protect our children.”

“We need a major overhaul of security in schools across our country,” Mr Trump said. “Every building should have a single entry point. There must be a strong outer fence, metal detectors and the use of new technologies so that no unauthorized person can ever enter a school with a weapon. “

An 18-year-old gunman shot 19 children and two teachers last week with an AR-platform rifle in Uwalde after he jumped a fence around the perimeter and entered through an open back door. More than an hour later, he was shot dead by border guards and police.

Ms Jean-Pierre also said Mr Biden “does not support a ban on the sale of all pistols to answer your question”.

Her comment came after Mr Biden criticized the ammunition used in the popular 9mm pistol, in comments to reporters Monday.

“They showed me an X-ray and said a .22 caliber bullet would get stuck in my lungs and we could probably get it out and save a life. A 9mm bullet knocks the lungs out of the body, ”Mr Biden told reporters at the White House. “The idea of ​​this high-caliber weapon – for it there is simply no rational basis in terms of self-defense, hunting.”

He added that “the Second Amendment has never been absolute.”

Ramsey Touchbury contributed to this report.

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