Biden is heading to Delaware amid escalating crisis in Ukraine

The President Biden is scheduled to spend at least part of his weekend on President’s Day him House in Delaware, at The White House announced Sunday amid warnings from administration officials about Russia’s invasion Ukraine it is inevitable.

Mr. Biden was expected to stay in The White House during the holiday weekend, however The White House abandoned those plans on Sunday afternoon and announced it would hold part of the federal holidays in Wilmington.

Since taking office last year, Mr Biden has made 44 trips to Delaware, for a total of 143 days. His days in Delaware were divided between his home in Wilmington and his home on the beach in Rehoboth Beach.

It’s more time away from The White House than any of its three last predecessors.

Mr Biden’s last trip to his home state came after administration officials stepped up warnings that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine comes in a few days.

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken told CBS News “Face the Nation” that the United States believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered his troops to invade Ukraine.

“Everything we see tells us that the decision we think President Putin made about the invasion is moving forward,” Mr Blinken said.

Defense Minister Lloyd Austin told ABC News that Putin “death is serious” refers to the invasion Ukraine.

“He has gathered everything you need for a successful invasion,” said Mr. Austin.

Mr. Biden himself on Friday said for the first time that he believed Mr Putin had decided to invade. Earlier, the president insisted that Putin had not yet decided whether he would pull the trigger for a full-scale invasion.

“At this point, I am convinced that he has made a decision. We have reason to believe that ” Mr. Biden He told reporters after the speech Ukraine crisis.

Sunday’s trip is not the first Mr. Biden left Washington for Delaware amid the foreign policy crisis.

In September, he was convicted by Republicans for spending a weekend on Delaware Labor Day while Americans remained in Afghanistan amid a clumsy U.S. withdrawal from a war-torn country.

The The White House defended Mr Biden’s home visits during the Afghanistan crisis, insisting he was still working.

“The presidents of the United States are constantly working, regardless of their location; whether they are on a state visit abroad or just 100 miles away The White House for a short trip to Wilmington, ” The White House the statement said at the time.

“Wherever he is, the president is working every day to defeat the pandemic, to make our economy work for the middle class – not just the upper classes – and to protect our national security,” the statement said.

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