Bomb sparks Washington State to victory over Oregon 71-67

PULMAN – TJ Bamba came out of the bench with 16 points and eight rebounds, which led to Washington’s victory over Oregon on Thursday night with a score of 71-67.

Bamba scored two 3-pointers and scored eight in the first half, but the Cougars (17-13, 10-9 Pac-12 Conference) were left without a productive 3:09 and settled for a 32-32 draw at the break. There were no baskets in Oregon after Maurice Callo’s three-point game gave the Beavers a 28-20 lead with a score of 6:36. Kalu made four fouls to equalize.

Neither team got any division in the second half until Tyrell Roberts scored two free kicks and Bamba scored a three-pointer to bring the Cougar forward 56-49 to 8:10. Oregon (3-26, 1-18) came back for two, but Bamba hit from depth, Noah Williams scored a basket, and Efe Abagidi scored two free throws and then scored a three-pointer to complete the 10-3 series for 66-57 led with a score of 3:46.

WSU increased their lead to 11, but Dexter Acano scored two 3-pointers, and Jarad Lucas added another in the 10-1 series to pull the Beavers for 69-67 in 26 seconds to go. Roberts, who executed 93% of free throws this year, made two in 14 seconds to complete the score.

Flowers scored 14 points for the Cougars and Roberts scored 10. Abaghidi scored nine points, eight rebounds and five of nine WSU blocks.

Kalu scored 20 points and 7 rebounds in the “Beavers”, who lost 16 in a row. Akano added 12 points and Lucas scored 11.

The WSU closes the regular season home game against Oregon on Saturday. Oregon is set to play against Washington on Saturday to close the regular season.

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