Brandon Tester: Another reason to support local business is the Washington Daily News

Have you ever played Shake of the Day?

If you’ve been to The Brat House in Chocowinity, you’ve probably at least heard of it. Shake of the Day is a Yahtzee-style game that is cheap and addictive – and if you’re lucky, it can pay for your food. Maybe even a few meals.

The fee is only $ 1 per round, and the concept is simple: you get a cup with five dice and three throws per round. To play, you shake the cup and roll the dice in order to accumulate five of a certain number in these three throws. So if the magic number is three and you get two threes on the first roll, your goal is to get at least three more in the last two attempts. If you get five threes in the first roll, you win automatically and you should probably try your hand at the lottery itself.

If you win, you will receive a jackpot consisting of the entry fees of those who fell to you. Remember that the cost is $ 1 per round, so some people drop $ 5 and $ 10 bills, and maybe even more. The jackpot can be replenished quickly. During my first visit, I saw that someone had won $ 80, and I’m sure there was even more money on the line the other days.

Full disclosure: I managed to roll a magic number only once in my first round of Shake of the Day. It’s not as easy as it may seem.

If you don’t empty your wallet for a few rounds, at worst you’ll lose a few bucks and you’ve also spent some time waiting for food. And those brothers are to be expected.

If you haven’t tried your hand at Shake of the Day yet, I recommend you do. And if that’s not your business, I advise you to travel to Chocowinity and eat, buy any goods or just show your support to local businesses in other ways. They need this support now more than ever. You may be amazed at how much damage the closure of the Norfolk South Railroad Bridge harms these businesses. Yes, there are still visitors on the Chocowinity Bridge, but many business owners will tell you that the lack of traffic across the bridge puts pressure on their finances. This is a difficult situation that is getting out of control.

Local businesses are improving the local economy in many ways. But most importantly, many of them are run by locals – your neighbors, friends, maybe even relatives – who are just trying to support the community and make ends meet amid the extremely difficult period that began with the pandemic.

So make this trip across the flyover and support some businesses. You will be glad you did.

Brendan Tester is the editor of The Washington Daily News.

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