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Buck crash lands in the basement of an office in Colorado


Colorado Parks and Wildlife Southeast Region

The botched crash landed in the basement of an office in Colorado, and wildlife officials suspect it was caused by the mating season of mule deer, known as the rut.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife released a series of photos showing the big buck with an impressive stance in his home office, the damage he sustained after being sedated, and eventually him waking up limping.

“Mule deer, or rut, mating season sends bucks into a frenzy to mate with females,” the agency wrote on Twitter. “With their horns sharpened on the trees, they wildly chase the females and drive off the rival goats, fighting fiercely. @COParksWildlife blames rut ​​for this scene in #ColoradoSprings today.”

Wildlife officer Travis Souder suspected that the king saw his reflection in the basement window.

“Or maybe it was fought and lost,” Souder said. “But somehow it hit the window and landed in the basement office where it made a bit of a mess.”

Sauder calmed the goat with a dart, and it tried to run away, but knocked over a vase of flowers with its horns. The agency published a photo of the cobbler lying on a bed of overturned flowers and vase fragments.

“After he calmed down, Sauder treated the cuts he sustained,” the agency said. “He and CPW biologist Ty Woodward then took it outside to set it free.”

Once outside, the buck was still sedated, and Souder massaged his chest to stimulate him until the drugs that reverse the tranquilizer took effect. Eventually the buck sat down, looking confused.

“After waking up, the buck remains drowsy but eventually limps off, completing this wildlife rescue,” the agency reported.

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