Budget grocery shopping: how to save while prices go up

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SPOKANE, Washington. – Saving money when you go grocery shopping is more than just making a list and sticking to it.

You need to write down how much you spend and what you actually consume.

Numerica shared some tips on how to save while shopping.

Start by making a list of what you want to eat for the week.

It even helps to keep a constant list in the fridge or phone to keep track of what you buy.

You also want to set a target amount for how much you want to spend each week or each month.

Lars Gilberts, AVP in Community Development and Interaction for Numerica. says the average American family of four throws away $ 1,500 a year in food, buying more food than they need.

“Just by tracking what you spend every day of the week, sometimes we don’t even know where our money is going,” Gilberts said. “So if paper and pencil – it’s a good way, an app or something like that – there are a lot of ways to keep track of expenses and then plan ahead.”

So how do you plan ahead and avoid unnecessary expenses when there are so many things on the shelves?

The budget mom, aka Kumiko Love, was able to give some insight.

She says meal planning helps because you go to the store knowing what you really need.

Base your recipes with ingredients you already have at home, and then head to the store to get what’s missing.

When it comes to the best time to shop for groceries, she says Wednesday morning because you can take advantage of last week’s offers and new ones starting Wednesday.

How often you decide to go to the grocery store is up to you, your family and your schedule.

“I think it’s very important that you plan your food trips and your nutrition plan according to a routine that is sustainable for you. Not necessarily around coupons or sales, but really something you can manage in your life. Whether it’s once a week, or going to the grocery store every two weeks or even monthly, ”Love said.

A roadside pickup is also a useful tool.

You have no temptation to throw unnecessary things in the grocery basket.

This is a great way to compare brands and make purchases strictly from your list.

The Budget Mom website has free resource library where you can access templates to help you plan meals.

Numerica has a Free workbook for budgeting online and some of them more budgeting tips here.

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