Buffalo Wild Wings crows after bare bones lawsuit dismissed by judge

Buffalo Wild Wings scoffed at a class-action lawsuit accusing a restaurant chain of passing off chicken nuggets as boneless wings after a judge dismissed the case.

“It’s true. All of our boneless wings are white chicken. Our burgers have no ham. Our buffalo wings are 0% buffalo.” Buffalo Wild Wings tweeted.

Plaintiff Aymen Halim filed the lawsuit Friday in the Northern District of Illinois, alleging the restaurants’ boneless wings weren’t boneless wings, but instead consisted of 100% breast meat and resembled chicken nuggets.

Mr Halim said this was false advertising and that the name “boneless wings” was a ploy to charge higher wing prices for a cheaper product containing only the breast.

“Plaintiff’s and other consumers’ reasonable belief that the products were chicken wings was a substantial factor, and therefore material, in each of their decisions to purchase the products. Chicken wings are a more premium and sought-after product than a chicken breast product,” the lawsuit states.

Similar foods from pizza chains that sell bone-in wings, Domino’s boneless chicken and Papa John’s “chicken poppers” were cited as examples of how Buffalo Wild Wings could sell their products.

However, Mr. Halim filed the claim incorrectly by not properly specifying where Buffalo Wild Wings and parent company Inspire Brands were registered. The judge therefore dismissed the claim, giving Mr Halimah until March 27 to file again.

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