Business owners in North Spokane are concerned about a possible homeless camp


SPOKAN, Washington – A potential plan to relocate a homeless camp to the northeast of Spokane is no longer possible. Business owners in the area have expressed concern and urged people to contact city officials about a potential homeless camp in the area.

4 News Now confirmed Spokane City Council member Jonathan Bingle that the camp along I-90 will not move. He says he was called by Spokane Mayor Nadine Woodward on Monday night, who said they were not moving the camp to the area.

Disputes over city property near Rowan and Florida.

On Monday, business owners began calling and exchanging emails, saying they had met with two members of Spokane City Council who were collecting property information.

“Between our two gyms, we have over 1,000 kids who are here seven days a week,” said John Moiles, program director for Recon Athletics. “It’s just that you have big concerns about their safety and what this environment will look like.”

One company, Dynamic Gymnastics, sent an email to its families on Monday. In part, it states that “we have been informed that Mayor Spokane Woodward is relocating a homeless camp of 200 people 2 blocks from our gym … We currently have 900 students and families using the area and experiencing that it will have a negative impact on the area ”.

“Who will clean up. Who will see at night – this is not a very bright area, “- said Tabitha Ward, coach of Dynamics. “It’s a great place for them to wander, crime can happen.”

Ward said she is worried not only about the people in the area, but also about those who now live in a homeless camp near I-90.

“We keep them away from transportation, we keep them away from medical facilities, regardless of physical health, their mental health,” Ward said.

The campaign encourages families to contact City Hall and share their concerns.

When News 4 contacted the city on Monday 4, we were told there was nothing to announce. 4 News Now later talked to the city. A spokesman says they are not going to move at this point and there is constant talk of different possibilities and ideas.

The owner of a coffee shop in the area also spoke on Facebook on Monday, saying: “We are already dealing with a lot of thefts and vandalism in this area. There are many small businesses in the area that will be affected as well as housing. Please call / email the city council and express your concern. ”

Spokane City Council member Michael Catcart says he has spoken to business owners in the area, and although nothing has been finalized, he said “the community expresses many serious concerns that I share. Discussions with the mayor and the city administration continue. “

Although the relocation of the camp is not planned, Miles says it is a more serious problem.

“The problem is bigger than just moving one camp from one place to another,” he explained. “Obviously there is a problem of the homeless, and the city is not doing what it takes to solve the problem properly.”

Catcart also shared that a town hall meeting will be held Tuesday night to discuss the issue.

The meeting will take place at the Hill House Event Center in the North Market at 5 p.m. Due to the recent decision it is not clear whether the town hall will take place.

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