Caitlin Jenner can still hit a golf ball nearly 300 yards after switching to a woman

Caitlin Jenner is 72 years old, but if she ever decides to take part in a women’s golf tour, be careful.

The transgender celebrity, who won a gold medal in the 1976 Olympic Decathlon as Bruce Jenner, said Wednesday that she could still hit a golf ball for nearly 300 yards, seven years after a gender reassignment that included years of hormone therapy. .

“I’ve worked for seven years of full transition, been on hormone therapy, and I can still beat a golf ball at 280, 290 yards. There is a lot left, ”Ms. Jenner told Fox News.

The average driving distance to an LPGA tour is about 250 yards. The longest driver on the tour is Emily Christine Pedersen of Denmark, who averages 282 yards, according to the LPGA. In the men’s round, according to the PGA, the average mileage in the 2021 season was 295.3 yards.

Ms. Jenner’s comment came during a discussion about former University of Pennsylvania swimmer Leah Thomas, who in March became the first male-born athlete to win an NCAA title in the I Division among women, winning the 500-yard freestyle.

“I have a lot left, and I think Leah Thomas obviously has a lot left,” Ms. Jenner said.

The debate over male athletes in women’s sports resurfaced on Tuesday after Thomas said in an interview that transgender competitors do not pose a threat to women’s sports.

“I’m not a medical expert, but there are many differences among CIS athletes,” Ms. Thomas told ABC News. “Are there cis women who are very tall and very muscular and have more testosterone than other cis women, and should this also disqualify them?”

Ms. Jenner has long argued, with medical support, that trans women who have experienced puberty have unfair physical advantages over female competition.

She blamed the NCAA for allowing Ms. Thomas to join the women’s team in the 2021-22 season after she had spent more than a year suppressing testosterone.

Ms. Thomas had previously swum in Penn’s men’s team for three years, not coming close to winning any national titles.

“We now live in this awakened world that allows her to compete and win medals against biological women,” Ms. Jenner said. “Leah Thomas played by the rules, I have no problem with her, but I called from the beginning for the NCAA to change its policy to protect women in sports.”

In January, the NCAA announced it would hand over national sports governing bodies to transgender competitors, but then abandoned the 2021-22 championship, saying it would be unfair to change the rules for athletes in the middle of the season.

“When you move, you have to have some honesty, and I think in some cases that may not be enough here,” Ms. Jenner said. “But she is [Thomas] played by the rules. “

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