Camas girls beat Woodinville to advance to 4A semifinals

Then the shots started to pour in in the fourth. The Papermakers went 3-of-3 from 3-point range — two by Keira Thompson and one by Riley Sanza — to extend the lead to 55-40 with 3 minutes to play. A no-look pass from Thompson to Riley Suns for a layup kept the momentum going.

“It’s amazing,” Sans said. “Honestly, our shots were more last-second. Those 3 really influenced us a lot.”

Four players scored at least nine points, including Reagan Jamison with 13 and Suns with 11. Addison Harris added nine points and a game-best 15 rebounds. Offensive balance is one of Camas’ strengths, and when that balance is maintained, like Thursday, Camas succeeds.

Another part of their grit and determination on Thursday.

“With our team, the best thing we can do is share the ball, and we like to share the ball,” said Sanz, who scored nine of her 11 points in the second half. “When people come, we love it for them. It’s about everyone.

WOODINVILLE — Adi Segadelli 0, Laila Kahrimanovic 5, Haley Quigle 4, Jaycee Eggers 6, Anna Harris 0, Ellie Lachinolle 0, McCartney Noe 7, Jazlyn Wilkerson 7, Brooke Beresford 17. Score 19 (5) 3-9 46

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