Cape Hatteras Beach, North Carolina, is considered one of the most accessible in the United States


The beach on the national coast of Cape Hatteras has been recognized as one of the most accessible in the country.


If you’re looking for an inexpensive trip for spring break, the North Carolina coast may be your best choice, the new ranking shows.

This is because Fr. Appointment of Outer Banks ranked 2nd in the nationwide list of beaches with reasonable prices, according to the results of the online holiday rental market HomeToGo.

Embankment at The national coast of Cape Hatteras ranked first on the list after HomeToGo examined the rates for booking accommodation from March 1 to June 20, 2022. The website says it also examined the Numbeo database and other pricing data to determine the cost of parking and buying soda and sunscreen off the coast.

Considering the basics of spring break and upcoming rental rates, which could be less than $ 69, a trip to Cape Hatteras is $ 77.60 per night, according to a release released on February 28.

Cape Hatteras is located on Water Banks, off the barrier islands North Carolina. The National Park Service “protects parts of the three barrier islands: Bodie Island, Hatteras Island and Okrakok Island,” the website said.

While some may know the area by the iconic lighthouse at Cape Hatteras, there is classes for beachgoers, too.

“You can enjoy a walk along the nearly 70-mile beach, sitting in the evening near the cod and the warmth of the beach campfire, launching kites in the warm summer breeze, picnicking with your favorite food, finding shells thrown ashore, sculpting out of sand. works of art, or just relax on the warm golden sand, ”the park service said.

The Okrakok district on the national coast of Cape Hatteras in the Northern Queen is one of the best beaches in the country. Photo of the national coast of Cape Hatteras

This is not the first time a place at Outer Banks was recognized nationally.

In March 2021, the Airbnb rental site stated that Kitty Hawk is one of the most popular destinations for potential travelers.

Two months later Ocracoke Lifeguarded Beach and Lighthouse Beach in Buxton made the list the best beaches in the country after a professor from Florida studied sand, surf and other factors.

But the North Carolina coast missed another recent ranking.

Last month none of the state’s vacation spots ranked among the top 10 U.S. beaches by Tripadvisor. The list took into account the rankings of travel websites and reviews from 2021, according to McClatchy News.

On the HomeToGo list, the cheapest beach resort was Ocean City, Maryland. Rounding the top five places were Surfside Beach in South Carolina; Jacksonville Beach, Florida; and East Galveston Island Beach in Texas.

“Beach houses with full kitchens and plenty of open space are the place of choice for travelers who want to dive into a new place, not to go far,” said Caroline Burns, head of public relations at HomeToGo.

This story was originally published March 2, 2022 06:17.

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