Catherine Deneuve received the Venice Film Festival Award

The great French film star Catherine Deneuve will receive the “Golden Lion” for lifetime achievements at the 79th Venice International …

Great French film star Catherine Deneuve will receive the Golden Lion for her lifetime achievements at the 79th Venice International Film Festival in September, organizers said on Wednesday.

With her angular features, blond hair and regal demeanor Deneu was a key figure of the French new wave. It exploded after starring Genevieve in love in Jacques Demi’s 1964 musical “Cherbourg Umbrellas.” This has led to more acclaimed collaborations with Demi (“Young Girls from Rochefort”, “Donkey Skin”), as well as directors such as Luis Buñuel, Francois Truffaut (“Last Metro”) and Roman Polanski (“Resistance”).

At 78, Deneuve has worked continuously for nearly 60 years, surpassing her beginnings to become one of the most famous and respected stars in the world. In addition to 14 nominations for the Cesar Award and two victories, she was also nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress for her 1992 film Indochina.

Her relationship with the Venice Film Festival has also lasted for more than five decades. In 1967, she received the Golden Lion Festival for her role as a housewife who begins working in an elite brothel during the day in Bunuel’s classic “Belle de Jour”. In 1998, she won the Volpy Festival for the Vendome Place.

“It is a joy to receive this prestigious award at the Venice Film Festival,” Deneuve said in a statement. “It is also an honor for me to be chosen for this tribute at the film festival that has so often accompanied me in many films.”

Festival director Alberto Barbera said in a statement that Deneuve is “the most symbol of French cinema, an eternal diva and a true icon of the silver screen.”

“Days began to embody the essence of the acclaimed diva, taking her place as one of the greatest actresses in the history of cinema,” he added.

This year, the festival’s award for lifetime support also went to the writer of “Taxi Driver” and director of “American Gigolo” Paul Schreider.

The 79th Venice Film Festival takes place from August 31 to September 10 in Venice, Italy.

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