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Khangl closed the VIP program by looking at the Haute Couture Dreamer collection and launching the Louiso ready-made clothing collection.

Blue and pink lights illuminated the stage on the fifth floor of the Times Square Marriott Marquis Hotel. The T-shaped runway was covered with white material with indefinite light when videos were played on the screen behind it.

Vietnamese American designer Hang Le from #TeamKhangle has completed the VIP Fashion Week show in New York, when his Dreamer and Louiso collections were presented on a staggering 67 models. VIPant has nominated a number of future designers to showcase their work together.

Famous makeup artist Lisa Opie has unveiled a huge pair of white wings and a shiny silver skirt. Chains and jewelry, as well as light waves served on top of it. Opie’s gaze was completely detached from both collections. Initially, she was supposed to do makeup for the VIP office, but she was pulled on the model.

“All I can do to support my fellow girls is that I support them no matter what,” Opie said of the staging led by women.

Louiso, Khangle’s new ready-made clothing collection, included asymmetrical expressions of predominantly black and white. Model Eliza Jeffers went down to the runway in a form-fitting black mini-skirt and a long-sleeved top on one shoulder to move into the colored part of Louiso. This was followed by Dreamer, a “creative, fun and colorful” collection with blue and pink in spray paint and funky clouds, bold silhouettes.

Now the Dreamer collection will be discontinued as Louisa takes center stage.

«[The audience] used to me doing crazy things, ”Le said regarding the contrast between the simple Louise and the groundbreaking Dreamer. “So now that I’m doing ordinary things, I want to see what they think.”

It was amazing to see there models by the number of subscribers. Tika Texas of Barstool Sports walked in a cropped open Dreamer jacket and skirt, which she gathered in piles and unsteadily carried in front of her like a magician about to make a glass of water disappear. Kyle Cochran, who uses the stage pseudonym Kyo York, wore the image of Louise and the Dreamer. His first outfit, a white jacket, made him look like an ordinary white guy. York’s claim to fame is that he is a white man who sings in Vietnamese, so his confidence is not surprising. Unlike other models who waited for hours for fitting the night before and one of whom wore the same jacket as York, York failed to sell the vision.

Mimi Tao from Project Runway completed the show in a black and white dress and a collar with feathers, like the Angry Queen from Snow White. Her cut was more in line with the Louiso collection before. Tao raised the whole show – her posture, look and presence would be better suited for a production that understands the need for good lighting in the red carpet area, which was very lacking. One photographer was assigned to the light service.

Lee himself took the stage in shiny black boots on a knee-length platform, blue gloves and matching sequins. With Opie to his right and Tao to his left, he walked in front of his high-collar tunic after the last walk.

Stylist Ayumi Perry, one of Le’s invited VIP guests, enjoyed the variety of the show and its strong Asian influence, manifested in subtle details. As examples of Asian-American fashion, she pointed to Hakam-style pants by Rick Owens and Maison Margiela Tabi shoes.

“I like what doesn’t scream about culture.” said Perry. “It’s just subtle – maybe in a stitch or lining that pays tribute to our roots.”

Responding to the lack of Asian representation in fashion products, Le added: “I feel now is the time for me to assemble a team because not only as a designer, I have to represent Asian Americans.”

Khangle plans to hold its own show in September for the NYFW Spring / Summer 2023.

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