Children are fleeing gunfire in Rialto Park, California


As a result of a shootout in Rialto Park, one was killed and another was injured when children in the park for a school trip at the end of the year went into hiding, California police said.

Screenplay from KNBC video

California police said six classes of children were on a school trip to Rialto Park to take refuge when a shootout broke out on a basketball court that killed one person.

Another man is hospitalized in critical condition gun battle in Ferguson Park on Wednesday, June 1, Rialto police said in a press release.

According to police, none of the 79 children or teachers who visited the park for a weekend trip from a nearby Edward Fitzgerald Elementary School were injured.

“I am heard shots and saw someone fall to the ground, ‚ÄĚsecond-grader Dalia Welch told KNBC. “I hid under the table.”

Police said a dispute between the men, who played basketball, caused the shooting just before 1 p.m. The men had nothing to do with the school trip.

Teachers and school guards hid children under tables and other barriers when the shooting began, police said.

Police and deputy sheriffs of San Bernardino County escorted the children back to the school, where they were taken away by their families, the release said.

Police are asking anyone with information to call Lieutenant James Mills on 909-820-2632.

Rialto is a city of 104,000 people west of San Bernardino in Southern California.

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