China calls for restraint, a diplomatic solution to the Ukrainian crisis

UNITED NATIONS – China called for restraint and encouraged all efforts to find a diplomatic solution to the problem Ukraine crisis, saying Beijing believes all countries should resolve disputes by peaceful means in accordance with the UN Charter.

ChinaRussia’s ambassador to the UN, Zhang Jun, has called on key parties Ukraine controversy “to continue dialogue and consultation and seek sensible solutions”.

Zhang made very brief remarks at an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council on Monday night, convened UkraineThe United States and six other countries after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s statement that Russia recognizes separatist areas in the east Ukraine as independent states and introduces Russian troops to Luhansk and Donetsk as peacekeepers.

The Chinese ambassador did not mention on Monday the actions of his usual ally, Russia, only saying that “all stakeholders should exercise restraint and avoid any actions that could escalate tensions” and “welcome and encourage all efforts for a diplomatic solution.”

This was reported by Chinese state media ChinaThe Russian Embassy in Kiev informed its citizens Ukraine to raise their security awareness and avoid conflict zones. This was announced on Monday by Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin China expressed the hope that all parties would seek a solution that “really contributes to protecting Europe’s security”.

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