Chipley celebrates the sports hero of his hometown of Trent Forrest

CHIPLEY – Chipley High School graduate and basketball legend Trent Forest returned to the gym in his hometown on Sunday as the community gathered to pay tribute not only to his success but to the legacy he continues to build for future generations.

Forrest, who is now an NBA player with the Utah Jazz, was awarded a CHS presentation at the gym, which included comments from family, coaches and school staff, as well as the official removal of his No. 11 high school jersey. Forrest’s achievements also deserved special recognition with official statements by Senator George Gainer and Representative Brad Drake.

Forrest, a 2016 CHS graduate, scored 3,103 points during his high school basketball career, including 53 singles points, scoring 53 points in his 2015 Rutherford High School victory in 2015 with a score of 76-66 – a day later. after signing. play for the University of Florida. He played for the FSU from 2016 to 2020, during which time he received the title of the most victorious player in the history of the FSU with 104 victories as the school’s starting quarterback over the last three seasons of his career. He will sign with Jazz in 2020.

Forrest was 28 and 3 years old last year at CHS, averaging 29 points per game – still a school record. Forrest also holds the school record as the leader in dunks for all time.

CHS basketball coach Mike Gates says Forrest’s success on the court began long before his school years when he helped lead the Rulyak High School team to 76 wins in a row during his time at RMS.

“He’s such a player once in two lives,” coach Gates said. “But more than that, he is respectful and modest. And he did it all, keeping a GPA of 4.3 ”.

CHS Director Alicia Clemens reiterated Forrest’s commitment to scientists, saying he was always ready to talk to current CHS students when they needed encouragement – and a reminder that education is as important as athletics.

But while Forrest is well known for his success on the court and in the classroom, he is perhaps even more known for his love of his hometown.

“I’ve watched him play his entire career since high school,” said retired educator and longtime sports fan Josephine Robinson-Floyd. “He didn’t want to attract attention. He just played for the team and it was great. I still watch it with Utah Jazz and it never changes. No matter how high he rises, he never changes just because he is in a bigger role. He always knows where he’s from, and he’s proud to be from Chipley. “

Forrest said the pride in coming from an understanding of his roots here helped him grow into what he is today.

“I like being out of here and out of this little town,” he said. “It helped me become who I am today. You don’t see too many people getting out of here, so being out of here and knowing the support I get from the community, and how close everyone is here, really matters. ”

Forrest also sees his family as a role model.

“Growing up, I feel it’s easy to choose professional athletes as role models, so for me guys like LeBron [James]Michael Jordan – guys like that – I’ve always looked to be just a basketball fan, “he added.” But here in Chipley, I was looking at my parents and brother [Trey Forrest] and the hard work they all put in. I saw this at an early age. My brother never treated me lightly. When he got up, he always made me play with him and play alone with him, so it just helped me, and how hard he pushed me helped me get to where I am today. ”

Forrest says it is a great honor for him to be a role model for the next generation.

“It means a lot,” he said. “I know I had role models that I wanted to emulate. Being from here, I know it helps young children see that they can do it too. At some point I found myself in their place. “

The culmination of Sunday’s event was prizes, a meeting, autographs and free food.

So far, Forrest’s career at Jazz has included 90 career games, with him scoring 283 points, scoring 85 per cent from the free throw line and making 143 rebounds and 151 assists.

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