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The FDA recently allowed some vapes. This is a huge step in the endless struggle for permission to smoke cigarettes.

Followed by food and medicine recent for the first time, the permission of some vape products – a victory largely due to the joint organization of skaters in Washington Square Park and each owner of badge in the East Village, who “does not take cash” – the New York Department of Health must formally approve the use cigarettes indoors, not just on the sidewalk Bobst.

“We must not deny children the simple joys of drinking a little and smoking a little,” wrote Jean-Luc de Marlborough, former chairman of the Vague European Cultural Center at New York University, in a press release on the back cover of the coffee-stained copy. “My year of rest and relaxation.”

“Who knows, it may be good for them,” said de Marlboro, who is currently seeking the nomination of Mayor Adams as health commissioner.

Although these allegations were quickly refuted and condemned in a petition signed by Dr. Anthony Foci and all other health professionals in the United States, Marlborough’s aide told reporters that he did not know and did not plan to respond to the backlash. coming soon. He is on his third day of ayahuasca and it will take him a week or six in St. Tropez to relax.

This heated controversy issue has brought together thousands of self-proclaimed New Yorkers fighting for their right to smoke. One woman who smoked Newport near Lucien, with an inconspicuous, refined accent, did not particularly explain to anyone that it was a human right to “feel a temporary thrill, but an eternal aesthetic.”

The smoking movement, which many call “Destigmatize the Cig,” has brought together even the most diametrically opposed factions of the children’s community of nepotism. Even the warlike Stern and the “ironic” drunken Tish brothers were able to dismiss their differences. After smoking the broken Marlboro Red near Phoebus, they both agree that Goldman’s trainee, who lost consciousness, eloquently said, “When you’re drunk, it’s like mental health, you know?”

With passionate organizers from Wall Street to Washington Square Park, it’s becoming clear that discerning Manhattan juveniles are looking to create a better, more smoky tomorrow.

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