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At the Black In Fashion Council Fall / Winter 2022, CISE and other designers provided both artistry and community support.

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On the sleek, minimalist fifth floor of Soho’s Spring Studios, promising clothing and accessories brand CISE joined three other brands in the second half of the New York Fashion Week showroom at the Black In Fashion Council. Each season BIFC invites 16 black designers with a cohesive portfolio and design approaches to showcase their work at the NYFW Intimate Exhibition. This initiative, in addition to other BIFC programs, allows lesser-known designers to realize their potential by giving them advertising and communication opportunities. Famous graduates of the BIFC showroom include House of Aama and Chuks Collins.

(Photo by the author Justin Park)

Upon entering, the viewer was greeted by a variety of shoes designed by Salone Monet for her eponymous brand. With her palette of shades that include skin tones designed for any occasion, Monet seeks to encourage consumers to buy better, not more. Its design, although simple, is also thought out, promoting inclusiveness. A pair of brown mules, adorned only with a satin beige bow at first glance, had an expression without a removable ribbon.

“I want to note the natural nudity of the owner,” said Monet, emphasizing that “boredom is not color.”

The designer also thanked BIFC for helping her focus on her work in a way other than providing shoes for the NYFW runways.

Right next to Monet Claude Stones with Lavie by CK showcased his African-style prints with colorful geometric patterns.

(Photo by the author Justin Park)

“Traditional prints are not elastic,” she said, although she has her own works. “I want to create something that suits everyone.”

Eugene Taylor proudly presented her collection “I AM DIANA” in the room adjacent to the exhibits Monet and Stone. Taylor, using bold satin and sequins, seeks to make its owner feel like a star.

“I like the style of the salon.” She said of the event. “It’s a lot more intimate because you can feel the clothes.”

Taylor also noted that an invitation to the BIFC showroom this season gave her the opportunity to “be seen”.

Blake Van Putin launched CISE from his home in 2010 as a donation to nonprofits led by Black. Thanks to mass marketing on social networks, CISE has become a viral sensation and has since sold out several collections with the message “Protect Black People”. Since then, the brand’s goal has been to use fashion to support black communities – it uses affirmative messages at the heart of its designs and donates to organizations like Justice for Black Girls.

“Our focus is to return,” Van Putin said. As for his choice of BIFC for the event, he said he acquired a “family” and connections with people who understood his experience as a black designer. As mentioned by other designers present, it also provided access to the press needed to reach a wider audience.

(Photo by the author Justin Park)

At first glance, Van Putin’s commitment to his philosophy of practicality is obvious. His minimalist branded bags with the embossed inscription “Protect Black Women” as part of the Women’s History Month celebration have three different strap options. Solid color sweatshirts included numerous pockets. Sweatpants have also been designed with ample pocket depth.

Despite the relative simplicity, Van Putten’s design this season is groundbreaking and almost surreal.

“The theme of this season is escapism,” he said. “After the pandemic, we want everything to be like a dream.”

Van Putin’s creative style blurs the boundaries between clothing. Otherwise, the architectural mini-bag would be a simple two-tone clutch, if not for the handle – the skin protruding from her lips, seamlessly merged into a woven pattern of the bag, like a ribbon.

“It’s like Balenciaga,” Van Putin said, comparing his desire to play with clothing prototypes to futuristic interpretations of the Spanish design label.

All in all, all of CISE’s designs this season have been fit to wear and have become crisp. Van Putin told me that he wants his design to be close – viewers should be able to see others wearing CISE and present themselves in the brand’s stuff.

“We wish everyone at the table,” Van Putin said, in line with the brand’s slogan: “Stronger threads for a stronger community.” The bold and uncompromising nature of his messages combined with the simplicity and pure functionality of his works make it easy to agree.

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