Classic TV shows are broadcast for free

There is a good chance that you have subscribed to several streaming services to help you overcome the pandemic. Now you’re wondering how long you can afford the extra costs, especially after learning that Amazon Prime is planning to raise your subscription rate.

This is a good time to remind you that there are a large number of streaming points that won’t cost you a dime. The choice has its disadvantages – advertising, no episodes, poor image quality – but you can not exceed the price.

Here are some suggestions that may make you reconsider your viewing options:

The best of David Letterman

The famous night presenter of his generation has long resisted traveling down the alley of memory. So it’s a great surprise to see that he signed a subscription to release tons of clips from both “Late Night” and “The Late Show”. In addition to highlights from interviews and sketches, you get fresh comments from longtime staff and Letterman. The collection, which ranges from Larry’s “Bad” Melman killing Christmas story, to visiting fast food restaurants with Zha Zha Gabar, is replenished weekly. YouTube channel

“Password plus”

Betty White, who died last month, is celebrated as one of the greatest comedians to ever adorn a small screen. But she was also a charming guest of the game show. You can catch her at her best in this gem of the 1980s, organized by her husband Allen Laden. The series, which also featured celebrities such as Mary Tyler Moore and Loretta Sweet, includes some dated links, such as jokes about Fanny Flag. But the game itself still holds. IMDb TV

Bernie Mack

Amazon Prime’s new great document “Phat Tuesdays,” which deeply examines the rise of black comedians in Los Angeles, has made me nostalgic for the late Bernie Mack. I was thrilled that his eponymous sitcom – imagine Cliff Huxtable is threatening to break the necks of his children – was readily available on several free services. It was even more enjoyable to come across the documentary “I’m Not Afraid of You,” in which family members and co-stars such as Cameron Diaz and Chris Rock tell noisy stories about Mack shortly after his death in 2008. Tubes

“Hitchcock presents”

No free service offers more original programming than Peacock. But NBC’s brother also has a rich catalog of classic shows, including “Alfred Hitchcock Presents”. Start with the 1st season of “Fault,” in which Joseph Cotten plays a tough businessman who is mistaken for a corpse. Directed by Hitch. Peacock


I figured the only way to enjoy old HBO series was HBO Max or Hulu. But somehow one of the biggest series of the paid network came out of the VIP line. “Rome”, which had the grandeur and intrigue of “Game of Thrones”, was canceled just two seasons later. Tubes

“This is your move”

Perhaps even fans of “Arrested Development” and “Ozark” are not familiar with the series of 1984-85. Jason Bateman plays a manipulative high school student who engages in blackmail, bribery and bullying to prevent neighbors from meeting his mom. Bateman shows excellent comedy chops that will serve him well as an adult. Trask

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