Classification of the Seahawks’ 27-7 loss to the 49ers

Here’s how the Seattle Seahawks rank their results A 27-7 loss to the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday at Levy Stadium:


Despite quarterback Genea Smith completing 24 of 30 passes, it was an offensive failure in every way. Seattle’s offense didn’t produce a single point and, going back to the opener, went scoreless for six straight quarters. The Seahawks turned the ball over twice on an interception. Running back Rashaad Penny and receiver D.C. Metcalf, who are expected to be Seattle’s two biggest offensive weapons, weren’t factors at all. And the offense didn’t support the defense and special teams after those units improved their play in the second half.

class: F


The defense was a mess in the first half as missed tackles and missed assignments allowed the 49ers to run wild. The only upside was that the Seahawks stepped up in the red zone, forcing San Francisco to settle for field goals and not allowing it to run out at halftime. To its credit, the defense improved in the second half as it adjusted to the quarterback switch from Trey Lance to Jimmy Garoppolo. But during San Francisco’s scoring drive in the fourth quarter, Seattle couldn’t stop on third down three times.

class: C-


There were big plays on special teams, both positive and negative. A botched punt return in which blocker Xavier Crawford collided with returner Tyler Lockett for a fumble essentially gave San Francisco a touchdown late in the first half. However, Tarik Woolen’s blocked field goal was returned by Mike Jackson for a TD in the third quarter, putting Seattle back in the game. If those two points make up for each other, special teams has been a net negative for the Seahawks as the overall return game has been poor.

class: C-


Well, you can’t say the Seahawks haven’t tried. But it had some really terrible coaching moments. The red zone call on the quarterback’s second-quarter pass that was intercepted at the goal line was a genuine, “Did I really see what I just saw?” moment Penalties while playing with tricks and variations indicate that they have not been prepared properly. But the biggest coaching challenge came when Lance left the game with an injury in the first quarter, and the defense took too long to adjust from running back to passer in Garoppolo.

class: F


It was always going to be a tough task for the Seahawks, playing on a short week after an emotional win in Russell Wilson’s return to Seattle. But there were factors working in Seattle’s favor, as San Francisco was without perhaps its best offensive weapon in tight end George Kittle, and the Seahawks dominated the 49ers for nearly a decade. San Francisco losing their starting quarterback early in the game should have been a big deal for Seattle. Instead, the Seahawks laid an egg, and it was a big splash of cold water in the face after the opening win over Denver.

class: F

– Nick Patterson, Herald writer

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