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The New Zealand-born designer is violating the convention by releasing a 2022 fall / winter collection with fresh elastic floral prints.

(Photo by the author Celia Tevi)

Claudia Lee is not afraid to break a few rules. Her brand was founded in 2015 CLAUDIA LEE known for playful prints, whimsical silhouettes and unexpected combinations of fabric and cut that go to the beat of their own drums. Her fall / winter 2022 collection «ONCE”Debuted at New York Fashion Week on the sunny sixth floor of Spring Studios in Tribeca. In this collection, Lee has abandoned the more muted tones traditionally associated with fall and winter, replacing them with fresh floral prints and bold color combinations.

The show opened with a series of ensembles that used the same pink floral print in vintage style. I was struck by the flexibility of the fabric: behind the sleeveless dress with a skirt in the collection was closely followed by an oversized quilted jacket with a quilted skirt. Another floral series – a bright fresh pink-yellow print included in various items of clothing – shows how Lee can make the same fabric work in an unexpected way, with chic pants after an elegant, airy floor-length dress. The models were decorated in bold accessories, another firm CLAUDIA LI, including a series of knitted bags with fringe, which appeared in all colors of the rainbow.

Lee contrasted the bold bright blue with sunny yellow and pink chewy, and at the time of the special show combined a pure white dress with a crimson-red bag and fringed shoes. At the same time, many of the images were completely monochromatic, with several all-red and all-black ensembles standing out against the simple white walls of the sun-drenched studio. The monochromatic look was a refreshing cleanser between the two sets of floral lures, and the richness and depth of the colors gave them a surprising complexity.

In the finale of the show, Lee, who wore a pink bean that matched the shades of the chewing gum collection, came out to respond to the applause of the crowd with a short and modest “Thank you” before disappearing behind the scenes. She had a long line of actors, artists and influential people dressed in CLAUDIA LI, hoping to be photographed with the designer.

Actor Celeste O’Connor wore a blue CLAUDIA LI dress and matching earrings.

“I’m such a big fan of Claudia Lee,” O’Connor said. “I like that her clothes are so playful, she’s just playful, light and joyful, and I think it’s really necessary in fashion and art in general. I think it’s important to stay playful. “

Lee’s designs serve dual purposes. Cheerful patterns, bright colors and whimsical comfortable silhouettes not only make the owners feel confident, but also radiate a child’s lightness. Michelle Sauner from the experimental pop group Japanese Breakfast wore a lavender set CLAUDIA LI – a crop top with lush sleeves and a tiered skirt – and welcomed his energetic energy amid the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

(Photo by the author Celia Tevi)

“I like how colorful and fun all the clothes are. It’s impossible not to feel truly happy about it, ”Sauner said, looking at her outfit. “Style after the pandemic, I just want to see outrageous, colorful, floral, spring joys. Everything looked as if it would be so much fun to wear. ”

TikToker Lauren Wolfe wore a long CLAUDIA LI dress with a multicolored metallic cross-stitch print with ruffles at the low waist.

“It’s a dress I’ll wear … when I put it on, I literally gasped,” Wolfe said. “I feel like a cupcake princess! I just love it, I’ve never felt this way before. “

As in previous collections, Lee told WSN that her childhood memories inspired her to create clothes with a lively, nostalgic feeling that her fans love so much.

“I remembered bedtime stories, ancient Chinese stories that my grandmother told me when I was a child,” Lee said.

Asked about her extraordinary choice of bright, sunny colors for the FW22 collection, Lee embodied the disrespect of her brand.

“I like doing it,” she said. – Honestly, I do not think that autumn, summer or winter are so important to me. Like, what prints to do, what colors to do. I mean, if it’s beautiful, then it’s beautiful. “

The CLAUDIA LI FW22 collection captures a young but mature image through bright color palettes. Lee’s corporate vision is included in every collection without becoming stale, repetitive and insincere. As her cult grows, everyone will expect what Claudia Lee will do next.

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